Saturday, July 25: Picnic at Dierkes Lake

Greetings MVUUF Friends and Members,

The Magic Valley Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship will be having a picnic Saturday, July 25 at Dierkes Lake. We have the South Shelter reserved from 8 AM to 11 PM so let’s take advantage of it!

We will be organizing some activities for kids and adults (more to follow). If you have ideas for activities, please let Dale Bostock (208-539-9880 ) or Susanna Terry (208-208-421-1781) know.

Dale will be organizing potluck meals and dispersal of front entry tickets. She will have sign-up sheets available at the Sunday services prior to the picnic for both the potluck meals and the front gate tickets.

Also, does anyone have a canoe or small boats they would like to share with the group for the day? If so, please let Dale know.

We will provide directions and more detailed information as we get closer to the picnic day!

Thanks and Take care,

The MVUUF Board

Diekes Lake