May 26: “Grace and Gratitude as our Everyday Spiritual Practice”

Presenter: Rev. Jenny Peek (Pocatello UU Fellowship)

Pastor-Jenny_cRev. Jenny Peek, our visiting Unitarian-Universalist minister from Pocatello, shares with us her journey in admitting hard truths, how loving others had to begin much closer to home. If you tire of the inner critic, you are not alone. Join us this Sunday for this introspective service on treating ourselves as well as we would treat others.

Unitarian Universalism honors the differing paths we each travel. Our congregations are places where we celebrate, support, and challenge one another as we continue on our spiritual journeys. Unitarian Universalists covenant to affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of every person; justice, equality and compassion in human relations; and acceptance of one another.

Newcomers of all religious paths or none at all are always welcome. Please park in the rear of the building or on the street in front or the side of the building. Child care is available.