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Our mission is to help each person live, laugh, love and seek the truth; to be a place of celebration, comfort, love, and learning for all ages; to serve our community in the spirit of justice and democracy; and to respect all religious paths. During the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, for an indefinite period, the Magic Valley Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship will not have an in-person services. In the meantime we will be meeting online or by telephone using Zoom. To listen in and connect with the fellowship, please follow instructions Here.

Financial Gifts & How to Donate to MVUUF

If MVUUF impacts your life, aligns with your values, and supports causes you believe in,  consider making a donation.  If you wish donate using online payments*** by credit card or PayPal account, please Click here to Donate Now.
***Please be advised, online payments are reduced by the fees charged by the online payment processor (We are using PayPal).