December 11th Service: “A Piece of Quiet”

In the Biblical story of the Tower of Babel, God afflicts the city with the curse of many languages so that they cannot understand each other. We live in times where it often seems we are afflicted in a similar way; we can easily feel like we are under assault from so many different directions with numerous incomprehensible demands and inexplicable requirements.  The world is a cacophony of bad news, tragedies and endless undone tasks.  At this time of year it seems worse, the many tasks of the holidays make us feel like we might be going over the edge. On this Sunday let us come together and explore how we might silence some of the external and internal noise of our lives and find a place of inner quiet to carry us through the holiday season.
Worship Leader: Rev. Suzanne Marsh
Worship Associate: Kyi Kyi Whiting