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A List of Sunday Morning Programs

November 11, “All My Memories of Love”

Presented by: Rev. Elizabeth Greene Memory is a little like a ship’s log. It lists all that has been done and experienced; from it, we can make decisions about what need not be repeated and what principles lie under the … Continue reading

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November 4: Meditations of Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

Presented by: Mark McGinnis  (BUUF) The Meditations of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, translated into English by Francis Hutcheson and James Moor, has been read by many people since it was first published in 1794. It has been found to … Continue reading

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October 21: Rev. Elizabeth L. Greene “Sanctuary of the Heart” (Potluck Follows)

Presented by Rev. Elizabeth Greene The word “sanctuary” so often means a physical place, often a holy place. It can mean the primary space in a church or synagogue or temple, and it can mean the protection such a space … Continue reading

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October 14: The Eighth Principle- What Does it Mean?

Presenter: Don Morishita Unitarian-Universalist beliefs are diverse and inclusive. We have no shared creed, but do have a shared covenant of Seven Principles that support our free and responsible search for truth and meaning. Our liberal traditions have led us … Continue reading

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October 7: “How the Hell got into Religion”

This sermon was delivered on Sunday, July 8, 2018, at All Souls Unitarian Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, by Bishop Carlton D. Pearson. In this lively presentation (video) Bishop Pearson gives some insight and background to how some figurative references to … Continue reading

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September 16: The Wisdom in Going Too Far

Presenter: Christina Charbonneau When you try to keep your life in perfect balance there are bound to be missteps. There is wisdom in kindly and gently allowing those missteps to positively inform your future self while at the same time … Continue reading

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September 9: Finding enlightenment in Fiction

Presenter: Rick Dykes Can one gain enlightenment and even spiritual growth from reading works of fiction? Over Rick Dykes’ long life, he has received great pleasure from the works of such authors as Ernest Hemingway, Harper Lee, J.R.R. Tolkien, and … Continue reading

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