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A List of Sunday Morning Programs

Sunday, May 20: Being Yourself

Presented by: Robyn Romney Not being yourself is exhausting and breaks you down from the inside out. Citing “Words of Wisdom”, ideas and suggestions for resolutions from the book “Soulful Simplicity” by Courtney Carver refers to the process of letting … Continue reading

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May 13, 2018: Standing on the Side of Love

Presenter: Karen Fothergill Sunday, Karen Fothergill, will present a service titled “Standing on the Side of Love”. As members of the Unitarian Universalist Association: We believe in the inherent worth and dignity of all people. All people deserve respect and … Continue reading

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May 6, 2018: Reflecting on Matters of Worth, by Rev. Elizabeth Greene

The word “worship” has a lot of different meanings for different people. The most common one may be the one that involves worshiping—perhaps adoring—a certain thing, being or person. But the word is much larger than that, harking back to … Continue reading

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April 29, 2018: “Emerging as a flower or a weed”

Presenter: Don Morishita The level of happiness and satisfaction in our lives depends a lot on how we see the world, how we see another race, another culture, another religion, and how we see other people. It is too easy … Continue reading

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April 22: “Joy in the Journey: Faith Transitions, Recovery, and Hope”

Presenter: Liza Long What do faith transitions and living in recovery have in common? How can we find hope and meaning when our familiar traditions fail us? In a world full of perfect Instagram feeds, is it okay to feel … Continue reading

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Sunday, April 1: Let’s Celebrate Easter

Presenter: Karen Fothergill Let’s celebrate Easter Sunday with an exploration of transformation from many different sources. Karen Fothergill will share lessons from Soul Matters, a sermon on Easter by Reverend Dr. Martin Lavanhar, Senior Minister of All Souls Unitarian Church … Continue reading

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March 18: “The Fear of Missing Out”

Presented by: Julie Merrick The acronym FOMO, which stands for the fear of missing out, was coined to represent the anxious feelings which arise from comparing our lives to others primarily through social media. It is helpful to examine how … Continue reading

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