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A List of Sunday Morning Programs

September 16: The Wisdom in Going Too Far

Presenter: Christina Charbonneau When you try to keep your life in perfect balance there are bound to be missteps. There is wisdom in kindly and gently allowing those missteps to positively inform your future self while at the same time … Continue reading

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September 9: Finding enlightenment in Fiction

Presenter: Rick Dykes Can one gain enlightenment and even spiritual growth from reading works of fiction? Over Rick Dykes’ long life, he has received great pleasure from the works of such authors as Ernest Hemingway, Harper Lee, J.R.R. Tolkien, and … Continue reading

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September 2: Water Communion

Presenter: Karen Fothergill Like water flowing to the sea, we have returned from the mountains, rivers and quiet places where we spent some of our days this past year then once again returned to our beloved community. As we come … Continue reading

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August 26: Covenants versus Creeds: Are You Curious About the Difference?

Presenter: Kacee O’Conner If so, visit Magic Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Sunday, August 26th, to hear guest preacher Kacee O’Connor’s presentation on the significance of belonging to a covenant-based liberal faith. Unitarian Universalists do not adhere to prescriptive dogmas and … Continue reading

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August 12: Finding Home by Giving Home

Guest Speaker: Wyatt Schroeder Guest Musicians: Wyatt Schroeder & Michael Alvarado Wyatt Schroeder serves as the Executive Director for Charitable Assistance to Communities Homeless (CATCH), an organization in the Boise area, whose vision is ending homelessness for families by inspiring … Continue reading

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August 5: “Self-Consciousness is the Opposite of Consciousness” (Forrest Church)

Presenter Karen Fothergill Karen Fothergill will present our service originally presented April 15th 2007 by Forrest Church of All Souls Unitarian Church in New York City. Church said “Consciousness and self-consciousness are opposites. In fact, they are mutually exclusive. We … Continue reading

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July 29: “Living Myth, Antidotes to Despair”

Presented By: Bruce Michael Miller and Heather Platts will deliver a presentation based on the ideas of Michael Meade.  Thank you, Bruce and Heather! Michael Meade is a mythologist, author and storyteller.  If you enjoy this service and wish to … Continue reading

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