February 26th service: “No Separate Existence”

Join us this Sunday as Michael Johnson discusses how clinging to what we think we know can be a barrier to understanding. We will also gain an understanding that that everything is interconnected.

If this is not problematic enough, what’s to gain if one comes to understand and accept this notion?  Is this “Enlightenment?” – And what is enlightenment anyway?  Sometimes it’s like a big wrestling match in the mind.

Worship Leader: Michael Johnson
Worship Associate: Ken Whiting

Sunday, February 26, 2012
Twin Falls Senior Center, Twin Falls, Idaho
Beginning at 10:30 AM

February 19th Service: The Science of Evolution

In honor of what would have been Charles Darwin’s 203rd birthday, we will take the opportunity this Sunday to discuss the science of evolution.  If Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection has triumphed as a sound scientific theory among biologists then why do so many people still find the concept difficult to accept?

Join us this weekend as Ryan Terry presents his views on the subject.

Reminder: Our Community Service Project Friday, February 3rd

Hello Members and Friends:

Friday, February 3rd, our Magic Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship will once again be assisting St. Edward’s Catholic Church to assist in feeding the hungry and homeless. We will meet at the back door of St. Edward’s Parrish Hall (across the street from the chapel) between 5:15 – 5:30 PM. As you know, this is our MVUUF Community Service Project. We need approximately 12 individuals. We should be finished approximately 7:00 PM Friday evening.

Please let us know if you are able to assist in this worthwhile cause as soon as possible.

All Members and Friends of Magic Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship are invited to assist us in this valuable project for our community.
For those of you who have not volunteered in the past, St. Edward’s Catholic Church is located at 212 7th Avenue E, in Twin Falls (near the Twin Falls Park in downtown Twin Falls).

Please remember to view our new website: http://magicvalleyUU.org from time to time for the latest MVUUF news and information.

Also, please continue to view the other websites listed below.

Thank you all very much.


Ken Whiting

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February 12th Service: Standing on the Side of Love

On this Sunday, the closest to Valentine’s Day, we will explore what it means to “Stand on the Side of Love” with undocumented immigrants and their families. In the fall I spoke with you about the “Dream Act”, which would provide a path to citizenship for undocumented folks who came to this country as children. Our General Assembly in June in Phoenix AZ will also focus on this issue. In this service we will explore the broader immigration landscape and attempt to find some historical perspective on this issue, which is nearly as old as our country. I hope to answer questions such as: What (if any) is our civic and spiritual responsibility relative to the undocumented residents of our country? Why is this issue a priority for our denomination? What’s love got to do with it anyway? A discussion will follow the service for those who are interested.
Worship Leader: Rev. Suzanne Marsh
Worship Associate: Kyi Kyi Whiting.


February 5th Service: The Faith of our (Founding) Fathers

As we approach Presidents Day weekend, lets explore what we really know about our “Founding Fathers” thoughts on the separation of church and state. We’ll also consider what, if any, part their faith played in their ideas or if they were a result of Enlightenment thinking rather than religious values.  In the wake of the increasingly loud voices telling us that our country was founded as a “Christian nation”, we’ll try to discover whether the Fathers intended us to be “one nation under God” or a secular nation, with liberty and justice for all. A discussion on the topic will be held after the service for those who are interested.

Worship Leader: Rev. Suzanne Marsh
Worship Associate: Kyi Kyi Whiting

Choir practice begins at 9:45 am and the service begins at 10:30