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March 31: LIVING WHOLEHEARTED: Patricia Heeb (Boise UUF)

Presenter: Patricia Heeb (Member Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship) Synonyms for “wholehearted” are many: ardent, avid, eager, enthused, fervent, gung-ho, impassioned, zealous, lively, earnest, unrestrained… and on and on. But is living with a whole heart more than living in the … Continue reading

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March 24: Thurman’s Glad Surprise (Rev. Jenny Peek)

Presenter: Rev. Jenny Peek Join us this Sunday as we welcome Spring with Rev. Jenny Peek, our visiting Unitarian-Universalist minister, from the Pocatello Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship. Theologian Howard Thurman’s view of ‘growing edges’ is much more than the gentle euphemism for shortcomings, … Continue reading

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March 10: “Eostre, the Origins of the Bunny and Egg and the Beginning of Summer”

Presenter: Guy Hopkins “It is a day of balance, as the day and night hours are approximately the same length. A season that brings fertility and growth, marking our passage into the spring season and into summer. We begin to … Continue reading

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March 3: Our Spiritual Journeys

Presenters Digger Zout, Ray Cross, Guy Hopkins, Lisa Knecht Spiritual journeys for Unitarian-Universalists follow diverse and interesting paths. Some join Unitarian-Universalist fellowships after leaving a religion they grew up in. For others, Unitarian-Universalism is the first organized religion in which … Continue reading

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