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August 4th: Humility and Power

This is an online service from Reverend Aaron White of the First Unitarian Church of Dallas, Texas.  Reverend White reflects on what makes us powerful and able to change lives. Often it is the very thing that makes us uncomfortable. … Continue reading

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July 28th: Healing Grief through Mourning

Join us this Sunday for a discussion with Cynthia Hindes. When we are strong, stoic, and “in control” of our emotions — as we are commonly (though mistakenly) taught is wise, proper. and healthy. We seldom express the grief resulting from the … Continue reading

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July 21st: The Soul’s Journey

The Soul’s Journey: Edgar Casey’s Concept of Reincarnation. This Sunday, we will explore Edgar Casey’s concept of reincarnation as well as our own belief or disbelief in reincarnation. According to Casey: All souls come to Earth to test their spiritual … Continue reading

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July 14th: What is Worship?

What makes a quality worship service? From a Unitarian Universalist perspective, what does it mean to worship? What are we worshiping and how should we do it so that almost everyone feels uplifted and enlightened. This Sunday we will be … Continue reading

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July 7th: Exploring the Roots of Religion

Ray Cross will present a video from “The Great Courses” series by Professor John R. Hale. This video will explore the very early religious activities of mankind. Hale will discuss the Neanderthals and their surprisingly familiar way they dealt with … Continue reading

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