The Needs Not Noticed — 10:30 a.m., January 1, 2023

The Reverend Timothy Ellis will be reflecting on noticing where we put our energy and the multitude of ways our actions serve us. In the season of New Year’s resolutions, we’ll re-examine New England Transcendentalist beliefs about self improvement through the lens of our current values.

Sylvia Wingfield is Worship Associate

Has Christmas changed as I have? — December 18, 2022

Don Morishita will lead a discussion. Many of us who celebrate the Christmas season come from backgrounds where there may be traditions for celebrating this holiday. For some, the celebration of Christmas may have changed over time or changed as we have gotten older. For some, it may be that Christmas has changed. We invite you to join us in this discussion service and share how Christmas has changed for you or how you have changed in the way that we see and celebrate the holiday season.

Christmas is in the Air — December 11th, 2022

Perri Gardner will present the program.

Pam Blankenheim will be the Worship Associate.

Christmas is in the air as the third Sunday of Advent reminds us to wait in hopeful anticipation of the joy and celebrations to come. Join the Magic Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship for a service that celebrates the holiday season through song and story-telling.