Resistance, Risk, Loss of Reason, and Beyond — April 30, 2023, 10:30 a.m.

Long time activist and spiritual seeker, Bill Chisholm, will share some of the insights from years of resistance on social and environmental issues, which include sitting through endless public hearings where there was very little listening, arrests and court appearances for direct action, including jail time. He will also share some of what he learned over 16 some runs for public office.

But these are different times, laws have changed, there is more fear and hate being spewed across the political landscape. There has always been risk in resistance, but we now live in an era where “reason” seems to have gone out the window and that will influence the outcome of any resistance, but it shouldn’t deter it. It should only go to expand our abilities.

Melody Lenkner is the Worship Associate

“Kids These Days” — April 23, 2023, 10:30 a.m.

Reverend Jenny will be here from Pocatello.

Early recorded history shows older adults complaining about children, youth, and young adults. It might be ironic that oftentimes the perceived offense is about disrespect. How is ageism showing up in shared spaces today? April is Child Abuse Prevention Awareness month, and here we are smack dab in a state of anti-trans youth, anti-reproductive health care, and no end in sight to the vitriol. Our visiting minister from Pocatello, the Rev. Jenny Peek, joins us in person this Sunday April 23rd with her reflection “Kids These Days.”

Don Morishita is the Worship Associate.

Resistance — 10:30 April 16th, 2023

Michael Becerra will lead a discussion of Resistance. While there are many kinds of resistance, we will concentrate on resistance to actions and words that threaten peace and inclusion in our society.

There are many actions locally and nationally based on fear, misinformation, and hate that threaten a major portion of our society. Sometimes, careful changing of words in the discussion can have a profound effect. Other times, more direct action is needed. What we cannot do is sit back and watch the decline of society, hoping that someone else will do something.

What Unitarian Universalism Means to Us — April 9th, 10:30 a.m.

What is it about Unitarian Universalism that fits into our beliefs and in our lives? For each of us who embraces Unitarian Universalism, the Seven Principles serve as a guide in our lives. Unitarian Universalists have many common values that we share in community. Yet, it is incumbent on us to make our own free and responsible search for truth and meaning. Join us this Sunday as several MVUUF members share what Unitarian Universalism and our Fellowship means to each of them. Presented by Don Morishita.