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December 11th Service: “A Piece of Quiet”

In the Biblical story of the Tower of Babel, God afflicts the city with the curse of many languages so that they cannot understand each other. We live in times where it often seems we are afflicted in a similar … Continue reading

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December 4th Service: “Dealing With Stress!”

Donna Graybill-Roberts will lead the congregation with the topic “Dealing with Stress.” Donna will discuss: stress, the effect of stress, how to manage stress and stress in the context of privilege and oppression. Please join us this Sunday, December 4th, … Continue reading

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Poverty and Thanksgiving: A Call to Righteous Love

A Thanksgiving Message from UUA President Peter Morales Posted November 21, 2010 Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. It calls forth the essential spiritual value of gratitude. I have precious memories of feasts shared with family and with good … Continue reading

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November 27th Service: “What Are You Grateful For?”

Speaker: Ryan Terry What are you grateful for? Why is it so important to express our gratitude, and to whom or where should we focus our gratitude when it seems like there is no individual person or group to thank? … Continue reading

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November 20th Service: “Why Occupy Anything?”

As I write this, the Occupy Wall Street Movement and its supporting protests all over the world are still going strong, despite the encroaching cold weather and growing police actions against protestors in many cities. Why is this movement of … Continue reading

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November 13th Service: “A Queer Perspective on Love”

Be drunk on love, because love is all that exists. It is Love and the Lover that lives eternally, don’t lend your heart to anything else; all else is borrowed. –Rumi There is within the Sufi tradition the idea that … Continue reading

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