April 8th: Easter

On Easter Sunday, in the churches all around us, our Christian brothers and sisters are celebrating the resurrection of their Savior, an event that they believe happened over 2000 years ago. What are we Unitarian Universalists to do, we who take great pride in our right to believe or not believe, we who are skeptics, doubters or unabashed non-believers? The early Christians, who were the source of many of the religious traditions of Easter, borrowed liberally from the Pagan religions that were all around them.  Many religions that were practiced long before Christianity had at their center a revered figure of a dead and resurrected god(dess).  There must be some reason that people, century after century, return again to this story of resurrection. On this Easter we will strive together to move past the “words”, with all of their baggage, and discover what lessons and secrets the empty tomb and the risen Jesus might hold for us as Unitarian Universalists.

Worship Leader: Rev. Suzanne Marsh
Worship Associate: Kyi Kyi Whiting

April 1 Service: “Practice Random Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty”

Your gifts, whatever you discover them to be, can be used to bless or curse the world.

The mind’s power, the strength of the hands, the reaches of the heart, the gift of speaking, listening, imagining, seeing, waiting – any of these can serve to feed the hungry, bind up wounds, welcome the stranger, praise what is sacred, do the work of justice, or offer love.

You must answer this question: what will you do with your gifts?

Worship Leader: Karen Fothergill

Sunday, April 1, 2012
Twin Falls Senior Center, Twin Falls, Idaho
Beginning at 10:30 AM

March 25 Service: “Support or Sacrifice?”

Consider the difference between supporting life and sacrificing for it.
Sacrifice feels like a burden, like an obligation, like something we look forward to being rid of.  Support feels more like an opportunity, a blessing, a gift that enhances our life.
Many religions teach that we must suffer and sacrifice for our giving to be meaningful. Join us for a discussion on the idea that life does not feel burdened in giving to us but rather dances with joy for the experience. When our primary focus is on loving the world and being one with it, we too can dance with joy in the giving of all we are to all that is.

Worship Leader: Julie Merrick
Worship Associate: Karen Fothergill
Twin Falls Senior Center, Twin Falls, Idaho
Beginning at 10:30 AM

March 18 Service: “Aren’t We All Minorities in One Way or Another?”

The majority of us find ourselves as a minority at one time or another. Regardless of whether its because of your political, religious, social or fiscal beliefs, or you’re a minority because of your ethnicity, race, gender, age, gender preference, food habits, or size, we all find ourselves in the minority sometime.

How do we react when we are the minority? How do we react to minorities and how do we make minorities feel like the rest of us?

Another aspect related to this is political correctness. Should it be forgotten or should it be embraced?

Worship Leader: Don Morishita

Sunday, March 18, 2012
Twin Falls Senior Center, Twin Falls, Idaho
Beginning at 10:30 AM

March 11 Service: “Imagine a World”

What does the Magic Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Community really mean to you?

Our congregation has been dreaming big and moving forward with confidence in building that future.

More than ever, the pledges we make in support of our congregation are pivotal to our shared future and our ability to realize our dreams and then move forward to dream even bigger!

This Sunday, the Magic Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship will kick off its 2012-13 Stewardship Campaign. This service will explore why people belong to our congregation and why they give their time, talent and treasures.  We will hear from a few folks why they love and give generously to our congregation.

Worship Leader: Rev. Suzanne Marsh
Worship Associate: Kyi Kyi Whiting

Sunday, March 11, 2012
Twin Falls Senior Center, Twin Falls, Idaho
Beginning at 10:30 AM


March 4th Service: “Judaism”

Join us this Sunday as Robin Dober and Tony Prator (husband and wife) explain the basic beliefs of Judaism.

Judaism is the first tradition to teach monotheism, the belief that there is one God.  Judaism focuses more on the way in which you practice and live in the world than it does on analyzing the nature of God.  Robin and Tony will offer a glimpse into the basic beliefs of Judaism and explore how the various branches of Judaism view prayer, tradition, holidays and God.

Worship Leader Robin Dober/Tony Prator
Worship Associate Karen Fothergill