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October 25: Explore Love, the Mystical and the Spiritual

Unitarian Universalists by definition have declined traditional religious structs and dogmas, although our religion does look for value in other religious traditions. While our paths to the spiritual and mystical are diverse and individual, we believe that we can all … Continue reading

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October 22: Stepping Forward

How willing are we to be vulnerable? To engage, to show up, to be seen? We may try to make ourselves safe by making our lives small but that path seldom leads us anywhere we’d really like to go. When … Continue reading

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October 15: Based on Science, So What?

Presenter:  Don Morishita One of the Unitarian Universalist Principles is a free and responsible search for truth and meaning. This is applied not only to our spiritual journey but also our everyday lives. How we each form our truths is … Continue reading

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October 8: What is White Privilege?

Guest Speaker, Candise Ramsey from the Southern Idaho Humanist Alliance We hear terms like ‘white privilege’, ‘inclusion’, and ‘unconscious bias’ a lot these days in the ongoing struggle for racial equality in this country. What do you think and feel … Continue reading

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