April 8th: Easter

On Easter Sunday, in the churches all around us, our Christian brothers and sisters are celebrating the resurrection of their Savior, an event that they believe happened over 2000 years ago. What are we Unitarian Universalists to do, we who take great pride in our right to believe or not believe, we who are skeptics, doubters or unabashed non-believers? The early Christians, who were the source of many of the religious traditions of Easter, borrowed liberally from the Pagan religions that were all around them.  Many religions that were practiced long before Christianity had at their center a revered figure of a dead and resurrected god(dess).  There must be some reason that people, century after century, return again to this story of resurrection. On this Easter we will strive together to move past the “words”, with all of their baggage, and discover what lessons and secrets the empty tomb and the risen Jesus might hold for us as Unitarian Universalists.

Worship Leader: Rev. Suzanne Marsh
Worship Associate: Kyi Kyi Whiting