January 22nd Service: What’s Salvation Got to Do With Us?

Our denomination’s name, Unitarian Universalist, gives equal billing to both of the religious traditions of our forebearers, but I don’t think we modern UU’s give them equal time. So often, the Unitarian part of our heritage, with its illustrious writers and great orators, grabs most of our attention. The simplicity of the Universalist message as summed up by Rev. John Murray: “Give them not hell but hope”, stymies us. When the majority of us believe in neither heaven nor hell, do we need to be engaged in questions of salvation? This Sunday we will learn some Universalist history and ponder how the theology of Universalism might inform our lives here in the 21st century.  A discussion will follow the service for those who are interested in the topic.
Worship Leader: Rev. Suzanne Marsh
Worship Associate: Karen Fothergill