May 6th Service: How Unitarian Universalism differs from Christianity

This Sunday, Ray Cross will discuss how Unitarian-Universalists differ from Christians.

Our program this Sunday will explore what it means to be a Unitarian-Universalist. We Unitarian-Universalists in the Magic Valley are a small group of liberal thinkers living in a conservative Christian community. We will explore what makes Unitarian-Universalists spiritually different from our neighbors. A number of spiritual topics will be discussed and as Unitarian-Universalists usually do we probably will not agree on everything that is said. We will discuss the Bible, God/god, the afterlife, sin, Jesus, salvation and other spiritual concepts. We will discuss the differences between Unitarian-Universalist positions on these topics and Christian concepts.

Please join us in our discussion and please come ready to THINK.

Worship Leader: Ray Cross
Sunday, May 6, 2012
Twin Falls Senior Center, Twin Falls, Idaho
Beginning at 10:30 AM