September 23rd Service: What do Guidelines for Spiritual Life Provide for Us?

What do guidelines for spiritual life provide for us – a pathway to heaven, a happier life, greater peace and contentment?

For Christians there are the Commandments, for Buddhists there is the 8-Fold Path.  Does this stuff really work and if so… how? Join Michael Johnson in a two-week experiment of sorts.  This Sunday – we will discuss the Christian Commandments and the Buddhist 8-Fold Path. Michael Johnson will ask for volunteers willing to commit to one week of being aware of the guidance, doing their best to follow the guidance and then, the following week … participate as panelists to tell us how they fared.  We start this week – so hopefully be prepared to participate both this Sunday and next.

The Magic Valley Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship meets every Sunday beginning at 10:30 AM at the Twin Falls Senior Center, 530 Shoshone Street West in Twin Falls.

Worship Leader:  Ken Whiting
Sunday,  September 23, 2012
Twin Falls Senior Center, Twin Falls, Idaho
Beginning at 10:30 AM