October 7th Service: Overcoming the Negativity Bias

Negativity bias is the name for a psychological phenomenon by which humans pay more attention and give more weight to negative rather than positive experiences.  Joy, happiness and well being expand when we learn to overcome this bias and begin tipping the scales of our attention toward that which is uplifting and pleasing in our lives. As we shift our perceptions, consider our values and make a conscious decision that we will put greater emphasis on what is good in this world, we are changed and become better able to embrace and appreciate the fullness of our life experience.

The Magic Valley Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship meets every Sunday beginning at 10:30 AM at the Twin Falls Senior Center, 530 Shoshone Street West in Twin Falls. Newcomers are always welcome. Child care is available.

Worship Leader:  Julie Merrick
Sunday,  October 7, 2012
Twin Falls Senior Center, Twin Falls, Idaho
Beginning at 10:30 AM