October 28th Service: Halloween AKA “All Hallows Eve”

Halloween, a.k.a. “All Hallows Eve” is just around the corner.  What is a “hallow?”  Something holy or sacred.  This holy day, i.e. holiday, was originally sacred to the pagans — and still is to many of us/them.  It became “All Saints Day” to the Roman Catholic Church.  Now, it is mostly a fun occasion for children and children “at heart” to dress up in scary or glamorous costumes and receive treats.  This is the time when the “veil” is traditionally thinnest between the realms/dimensions, which translates as the visible world of matter and the senses, which is separate (to most of us — most of the time anyway) from the invisible world of “spirits” — whether benevolent or malign or indifferent. Is this a fun time or a fearful time? It all depends on your own experience and perspective.  Cynthia Hindes will talk about Fear and Fun in our lives and this seems a particularly appropriate time to do it.  We hope you will enjoy this brief exploration of this holiday celebration.

The Magic Valley Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship meets every Sunday beginning at 10:30 AM at the Twin Falls Senior Center, 530 Shoshone Street West in Twin Falls. Newcomers are always welcome. Child care is available.
For information, please contact Ken Whiting at 734-9161.

Worship Leader:  Cynthia Hindes
Sunday,  October 28, 2012
Twin Falls Senior Center, Twin Falls, Idaho
Beginning at 10:30 AM