May 19th: What Makes a Good Father?

Mother’s day has passed and Father’s Day is coming.  What makes a good father? Many think of their own fathers and remember their special qualities.  For others who may not have had a father in their lives or had a less than loving memory- they have had to look elsewhere.   “Atticus Finch” – hero of both Harper Lee’s Pulitzer prize-winning novel “To Kill a Mockingbird,” and in the film adaptation of the same name- has been for many, just such a role model.  

This story- told through the eyes of the child “Scout” – encompasses many other themes of society: racism, social norms and status, religious standards, roles of black and whites, men and women, school teachings, the haves and have nots, and of course- parenting roles.

All of our Unitarian-Universalist’s seven principles can be found at play surrounding Atticus, his children, and the small town in which he practices law; but perhaps none more than our second principle “Justice, equity, and compassion in human relations.”  

Harper Lee published this story over 50 years ago.  Does it have any relevancy to our lives here in southern Idaho in our current times?  What can we take as inspiration from this fictional father and citizen – into modern times?  Please come and share your thoughts.

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