November 17th: Pilgrims and Indians: The Real Story

Join us for this week’s online video presentation. Rev. Dr Arvid Straube of the First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego, CA will discuss the traditional and historical stories of the Pilgrims and Indians . In this sermon  Rev. Straube asks ” What is the American idea?” Rev. Straube states he has a passion for Unitarian Universalism and knows that it can save people – from shallowness, loneliness and meaninglessness. “Our communities heal people. I have seen it happen hundreds of times. There is no greater privilege, for minister or lay person, than to be involved in seeking wholeness for ourselves and using our gifts to bring that wholeness to others.”

Rev. Straube’s bachelor’s degree is from Ball State University, his Master’s of Divinity from the University of Chicago, and his Dr. of Ministry from Meadville Lombard in Chicago. He has been married to Sonya Prestridge since 1991.

All are welcome to join us this Sunday to learn the “real” story of the Pilgrims and the Indians. The Magic Valley Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship meets every Sunday beginning at 10:30 AM at the Twin Falls Senior Center, 530 Shoshone Street West in Twin Falls. Newcomers are always welcome. Childcare is available. We are handicapped accessible. Please park in front of the building. For information, please contact Ken Whiting at 734-9161.