Sunday, August 17, 2014: An Evangelical Christian and a Unitarian Universalist on a Plane

Host/Presenter: Anne Martin

In an increasingly contentious and violent world, there is decreasing tolerance for diverse opinions, especially in the areas of religion and politics. In some areas of the world, being a religious minority is a prescription for death. Even in our country, as people become more entrenched in their views, the risk of violent encounters increases and the chance of mutual understanding and acceptance diminishes and with it the opportunity to heal and reconcile our differences.

The questions then are: How can we bridge this widening gap? How can we overcome resentment and suspicion of those whose ideas seem diametrically opposed to ours? In a humorous and provocative video, “An Evangelical Christian and a Unitarian Universalist on a Plane”the Rev. Tandi Rogers shares her story of an encounter with two Evangelical Christians on a long plane ride to Seattle and shows that it is possible not only to bridge the gap, but to find friendship in unexpected places. Anne Martin will host the service on August 17th at 10:30 at the Senior Center in Twin Falls.

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