Sunday, September 28, 2014: “The Ultimate Question: The Meaning of Life”

Host: Ken Whiting

The Ultimate Question: The Meaning of Life

Sunday, we will watch a video talk by Ajahn Brahmali who was born in Norway in 1964. He first became interested in Buddhism and meditation in his early 20s after a visit to Japan. Having completed degrees in engineering and finance, he began his monastic training as an anagarika (Pali: anāgārika/ā; lit., “homeless one”), a person who has given up most or all of his worldly possessions and responsibilities to commit full-time to Buddhist practice. It is a midway status between monk and layperson where one takes on the Eight Precepts.

Ajahn Brahmāli teaches the monastic rules and gives Pali (the ancient language of the Buddha) classes to the monks and anagarikas at Bodhinyana Monastery.

Ajahn Brahmāli’s clear and thoughtful talks make the teachings of the Buddha accessible to all.

He teaches regularly in Singapore.

Newcomers are always welcome. We are handicapped accessible. Please park in the front of the building.