Sunday, June 7: Flower Communion Ceremony

Presenter: Rev. Elizabeth Greene

On Sunday we will have the ceremony of Flower Communion, and Rev. Greene will preach on the life of Rev. Norbert Capek, a brave and wonderful Czech minister who created the Flower Communion.

Be sure to bring a flower (or several) to church. In this inter-generational service, everyone—of all ages—will bring a flower and place it in the large vase in front of the congregation, before church starts. In the service, just before the kids go to their room, we will sing “Mother Spirit, Father Spirit.” While that is being sung, we will all file forward and take a flower that someone else has brought, symbolizing the bonds of community.

Of course, sometimes people forget to bring a flower, and there are often newcomers who do not know that we are doing Flower Communion—which is why we suggest that some of us bring more than one. Just as community involves reaching out to each other in times of abundance and also in times of scarcity, we provide beauty for each other, even if someone has forgotten.

One more thing, about which you will hear more in a few days: the Worship Committee is meeting from 10 am to noon at Karen Fothergill’s house on Saturday, June 6, to start planning worship for next year. Please send any ideas you might have, or suggestions of any kind about subjects, speakers, music, or anything else worship-related, to Ken Whiting. He will see that the Worship Committee and Elizabeth Greene get everything you send.

Rev. Greene sends you a reminder: “I am arriving on Friday, mid-day, and am available for a mid-afternoon meeting with anyone who wishes, also available for dinner that evening. Don’t be shy!!”