Sunday, May 22, 2016: “Latent Racism and the Black Lives Matter Movement”

Host/Presenter: Chad Minteer

What can we do for racial justice? Why does supporting or even understanding a movement like Black Lives Matter matter to you?

Sometimes problems like the kind this movement shines a light on can seem far away and like they’re not really our problem. We can take for granted that being able to ignore ‘far away problems’ is a condition of class privilege – if it doesn’t affect us, then it doesn’t exist.


Much has been made in the media of some of the radical and disruptive action that some supporters of the movement have taken. By focusing on such violations of “respectability”, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. Those for whom the system more or less works can find it easy to ignore the problems of those for whom the system has failed. Peace, liberty, and justice for all – that’s what we want.

How do we lift up those values for the most disenfranchised among us? For ourselves?

Unitarian Universalism supports the Black Lives Matter movement. We work to end racial discrimination and injustice, starting within ourselves and moving out into the world around us. We support multiracial, multiethnic congregations and advocate for stopping racist policies like mass imprisonment and attacks on voting rights.

Join us as we explore these topics.

Unitarian Universalism honors the differing paths we each travel. Our congregations are places where we celebrate, support, and challenge one another as we continue on these journeys.

Unitarian Universalists covenant to affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of every person; justice, equality and compassion in human relations; and acceptance of one another.

Please join us Sunday at the Vendor Blender and Event Center, 588 Addison Avenue West in Twin Falls at 10:30 AM. The Vendor Blender is located near the old hospital near the intersection of Martin St. and Addison Avenue West. Newcomers of all religious paths or none at all are always welcome. We are handicapped accessible. Child care is available. Please park in the rear of the building and use the entrance on the west side of the building.