July 29: “Living Myth, Antidotes to Despair”

Presented By: Bruce Michael Miller and Heather Platts will deliver a presentation based on the ideas of Michael Meade.  Thank you, Bruce and Heather!

Michael Meade is a mythologist, author and storyteller.  If you enjoy this service and wish to hear more of Michael Meade’s ideas, you may search for and subscribe to the Living Myth series of podcasts, available at your favorite source for podcasts.

The world has glamour when it shines with beauty and wonder, but it also has shadows and gloomy depths which can be experienced as anxiety, grief, and sorrow. Michael Meade connects this old idea to the current condition of the world where the constant drumbeat of troubles ranging from climate disturbances to political devastations creates more gloom in the form of fears and sorrows and even despair.  (Living Myth Podcast #27)

Michael Meade goes on to explore antidotes to this modern condition we may be able to glean from ancient myth.michael meade

More about Michael Meade:

Michael J. Meade is the founder of the Mosaic Multicultural Foundation, a Seattle-based non-profit dedicated to education and cultural healing. The focus of his current work is to bring healing through story and mythology to disaffected populations from many sectors of modern culture. He frequently works with at-risk youth, homeless populations, returning veterans, prisoners, and youth involved in the gang life. Meade leads day-long workshops and residential retreats aimed at healing and personal growth. He collaborates in this multicultural work with figures such as Luis J. Rodriguez and Jack Kornfield.

He is adjunct faculty in depth psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute, and often teaches programs on mythology and depth psychology.   

(Wikipedia, on Micheal Meade )

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