November 4: Meditations of Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

Presented by: Mark McGinnis  (BUUF)

The Meditations of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, translated into English by Francis Hutcheson and James Moor, has been read by many people since it was first published in 1794. It has been found to be useful in trying to live a good life in difficult circumstances.


For Mark McGinnis, member of the Boise Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship, the difficult circumstances take two forms: first, the persistent physical pain he experiences; second, the emotional pain of living in what is perceived as an unjust, and cruel social system.

First, we need to determine what is a “good life” from a Stoic’s point of view. It is not a life without pain, without difficulty, without illness, without disappointment, without sadness, without death. Every life has those challenges and more. Marcus’ teachings give ways to be with those parts of our existence and have a good life. At its essence the good Stoic life is to live in accordance with nature.

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