February 21: “Show & Tell: What Brought You Here”

German Protestant theologian, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who was known for his opposition to Nazism, said “the person who loves ‘their dream’ of community will destroy community, but the person who loves those around them will create community.”

A challenge many have faced in transitioning to the digital community, is the adherence to this dream of their community. A community that needs that physical presence of in person gatherings, and they might be lost in that dream, forgetting that the people that make up the community are still there, and interested in connection.

For this week’s service, please bring:

  1. An item for a little show and tell. Ideally, this will be an item that uniquely represents how you – a member or guest of our beloved community – and your travels brought you here, at this virtual gathering of the Magic Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.
  2. A Hat

As a means of audience participation, worship associate Digger would like you to have near during the gathering of your choice.

Visitors to our online service are always welcome.
Please join us this Sunday at 10:30 MST

Zoom Meeting Details:
Please Click Here or use the link below to join our service this Sunday, at 10:30 AM MST
Meeting ID: 833 2924 7287
Passcode: Chalice

Unitarian Universalism honors the differing paths we each travel. Our congregations are places where we celebrate, support, and challenge one another as we continue on our spiritual journeys. Unitarian-Universalists covenant to affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of every person; justice, equality and compassion in human relations; and acceptance of one another. Newcomers of all religious paths or none at all are always welcome.