MVUUF Online Meeting Instructions (during coronavirus outbreak)

During the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, for an indefinite period, the Magic Valley Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship will not have an in-person services. Until further notice, we will be using the ZOOM online platform. In order to help you get ready, we are posting some instructions here to help you continue to engage with MVUUF and with each other during this virus outbreak.

How does Zoom work?

Using Zoom is free and requires nothing more than a phone call, unless you would like to engage in the video portion of the meeting.

You can connect to our services using ZOOM by:

  • smart phone (using an internet wifi connection or a data plan)
  • a tablet,
  • a computer (Windows, Mac, Linux),
  • a telephone call (for audio only),

If you wish to listen using a simple telephone only, you will use the phone number provided to call in, then you will use the Meeting ID number to join the Zoom meeting.


  • For much of the service, you may be muted by the host so that you and everyone can hear what the main speaker says. This is normal.
  • There are times you may wish to join a “coffee hour” or other part of the meeting where you are able to speak to others.  If you have ambient (background) noise nearby, like fans, radio, equipment, or other equipment, it may be be picked up by your microphone and nobody will be allowed to hear you to address this please choose a quiet room to start your session.
  • If connecting by yourself in a noisy environment, use a headset with a built in mic.
  • It is recommended anyone wishing to participate get ready by installing zoom clients and apps on their devices ahead of time, to avoid missing parts of a meeting while you try to make everything work.

TO INSTALL the Zoom client ahead of time (recommended), please visit this link:

TO TEST YOUR CONNECTION ahead of time (recommended):

Once you have installed Zoom on your smart phone, tablet, or computer, you can visit the following link to make sure everything works as expected:

Take your time and make sure your audio and video are working. If you have further questions or wish to explore various other support issues regarding Zoom, use a search engine like Google or visit this link:

Once set up, follow the connection instructions in the service announcement. A phone number and meeting ID number will be provided for your connection. Sometimes a password may be provided which you may use if necessary. We suggest logging in a bit early to avoid workload for the person who needs to admit attendees. Once the meeting is underway you may have to wait a bit until that person has a free moment.

That’s all you need!

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