Mindfulness Discussion – January 15, 2023

Collete Hoglund will lead a discussion. Continuing with this month’s theme of Finding Our Center, this week’s discussion will focus on mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness is present moment awareness without judgment. This discussion will explore further what it means to be mindful and some of the benefits of mindfulness. Also, we will try out a few mindful practices that can be useful in our lives.

Perri Gardner is Worship Associate.

This service will not be on ZOOM.

Respect for the Interdependent Web of All Existence — 10:30 a.m., January 8, 2023

Don Morishita will present the program. Unitarian Universalism affirms and promotes seven Principles used to guide our lives. Our seventh Principle affirms and promotes respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part. Social justice, equality, climate change, air and water quality, endangered species and recycling are just a few topics, among the many things in our lives, that are a part of the interdependent web of our existence. According to the Rev. Forrest Gilmore, our seventh Principle may be our Unitarian Universalist way of coming to fully embrace something greater than ourselves. Join us as we discuss how this Principle influences how we live our lives.

Melody Lenkner is the Worship Associate.

The Needs Not Noticed — 10:30 a.m., January 1, 2023

The Reverend Timothy Ellis will be reflecting on noticing where we put our energy and the multitude of ways our actions serve us. In the season of New Year’s resolutions, we’ll re-examine New England Transcendentalist beliefs about self improvement through the lens of our current values.

Sylvia Wingfield is Worship Associate

Has Christmas changed as I have? — December 18, 2022

Don Morishita will lead a discussion. Many of us who celebrate the Christmas season come from backgrounds where there may be traditions for celebrating this holiday. For some, the celebration of Christmas may have changed over time or changed as we have gotten older. For some, it may be that Christmas has changed. We invite you to join us in this discussion service and share how Christmas has changed for you or how you have changed in the way that we see and celebrate the holiday season.

Christmas is in the Air — December 11th, 2022

Perri Gardner will present the program.

Pam Blankenheim will be the Worship Associate.

Christmas is in the air as the third Sunday of Advent reminds us to wait in hopeful anticipation of the joy and celebrations to come. Join the Magic Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship for a service that celebrates the holiday season through song and story-telling.

Holy Wonder — December 4, 2022

Timothy Ellis will share about the holy wonder in each of us as we approach the holiday season. We’ll also explore taking on an Advent practice. (Similar to Lent but taking on a spiritual practice instead of giving something up).

Perri Gardner will be Worship Associate.

Humanism — Does It Fit You Spiritually? — November 27, 2022

Presented by Don Morishita.

Worship Associate is Melody Lenkner.

Humanism is the belief that human beings are the source of meaning and values. It is a scientific search, self-correcting and open to change with new knowledge and insights. Some religious evangelists deride Humanism as a faith leading to nowhere. Humanists see humanity as having the capacity for continuted growth and development, and they accept responsibility for encouraging that growth. But, there are different types of humanism. Literary Humanism, Renaissance Humanism, Western Cultural Humanism, Philosophical Humanism, Christian Humanism, Modern, Secular, and Religious Humanism. Please join us to learn and discuss this philosophy of living.

Thanksgiving Beyond the Turkey — November 20, 2022

Jon Thompson and Perri Gardner will lead a discussion about Thanksgiving.

Please join our Magic Valley Unitarian Universalist community for a facilitated conversation on the topics of tradition, community, and gratitude. Congregant Perri Gardner will lead a discussion that celebrates and critically explores the Thanksgiving holiday. Please come prepared to engage in conversation and fun activities. The themes of this service will also be relevant to two other excellent events happening in our community this Sunday, November 20th.

Please consider joining us in community at our Transgender Day of Remembrance at 3 PM (in our Fellowship at 160 9th Ave E.). Additionally, our friends at the United Methodist Church will be hosting a Thanksgiving Feast at 12:30 PM in their basement at 360 Shoshone St.

This service will not be on Zoom.