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February 17: Stages of Faith

Presenter: Jen Blair Many people attending Unitarian-Universalist fellowships were raised in other religions, so much so that Unitarian-Universalism is often referred to as a sanctuary for religious refugees.  Let’s explore the natural stages of faith development into adulthood and discuss … Continue reading

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August 26: Covenants versus Creeds: Are You Curious About the Difference?

Presenter: Kacee O’Conner If so, visit Magic Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Sunday, August 26th, to hear guest preacher Kacee O’Connor’s presentation on the significance of belonging to a covenant-based liberal faith. Unitarian Universalists do not adhere to prescriptive dogmas and … Continue reading

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July 8, 2018: “Spiritual Paths”

Presenter: Don Morishita We each have our own spiritual path in our lives. For some, the path is quite straight and for others, the path may have some twists and turns. Each religion has its own spiritual path; some longer … Continue reading

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March 11: “Why UUs”

Presented by:  Rev. Elizabeth Greene Rev. Greene will be speaking about how important it is for a religious faith to embrace all people, why we need and have a responsibility to help create community for all, and how working for … Continue reading

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Sunday, May 15, 2016: “Jesus Was Not a Unitarian Universalist”

Host/Presenter: Ray Cross Our sermon this Sunday is based on the sermon given September 29. 2013 by Rev. Thom Belote of The Community Church of Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, North Carolina. We will explore who Jesus was and what he … Continue reading

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Sunday, October 4, 2015: “Reverence and Acceptance,” Rev. Elizabeth Greene”

Host: Kacee O’Conner Presenter: Rev. Elizabeth Greene Unitarian Universalism believes that there are many paths to the holy, and that it is right to accept people from all religious and philosophical views, as long as those views do not harm … Continue reading

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Sunday, August 9, 2015: “Building Our Own Theology: Part 2”

Host/Presenter: Don Morishita Our spiritual paths can take many turns throughout our lives. As Unitarian Universalists we have talked about the importance of building our own theology to meet our spiritual needs. Sunday, we will hear the story from four … Continue reading

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